Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Tips to Improve Your Writing

These tips are not new to writers, but all writers forget to practice them at one time or another. So, think of them as friendly reminders and start practicing.

1. Vary Sentence Length and Structure
When you write, try to vary the length of your sentences. Some should be short. Others should be long. You should vary your structure as well. Use a mix of simple, complex and compound sentences. You want to do this so that your writing flows without becoming monotonous or boring. Sentence length and structure can give your writing as much power as words.

2. Be Succinct
While you want to vary sentence length and structure, you also want to be succinct. Your words are valuable so treat them that way. Be concise.

3. Use the Active Voice
Writing in the active voice sounds easy enough.
Yet, from time to time, we all seem to slip into the passive voice. The active voice helps the writing flow I mentioned earlier. To avoid slipping into the passive voice, go into your spell check settings in your Word program and select the option to check for passive sentences. This will help you curve this habit. 
4. Write Honestly
Writer’s block, among other things, may cause you to question your gut feeling on a story or project. If you start feeling that way, remember that at the end of the day you have to be honest with you. The way to do that is to write honestly. Trust yourself and write from the truth you know, no matter how scary that might be.

5. Practice Basic Grammar Rules
There is nothing wrong with polishing up on grammar rules. Strunk and White’s "The Elements of Style" is a great guide. I will read a couple of pages a night and get through it in a couple of weeks. It’s just a good way to remember the stuff that matters.

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