Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Make Your Man Love You More

A lot of women seem to have trouble with getting their men to fall deeper in love.  And there is good reason for that.  Women think that all men are alike, and that if you want to make a man happy all you have to do is open your legs and let them make love to you, and bam, you have them in the palm of your hands.  Nothing could be farthest from the truth.  To help you get your man to love you even more I have five things you can do now to get more of the love you want from your man, and here they are:

Show your man that you are in love with him instead of telling him. 
Action is louder than words.  Do not act like most women who think that telling a man that you love him aught to be enough for him to understand that he is loved.  Show him.  How do you show him, you ask?  It is simple.  Remember this popular saying, “Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.”  If you like to receive little gifts every now and then, then buy your man little gifts every now then.  If you want him to care about how your day went when you come home, then ask him about how his day went, instead of staying on the phone talking to your friends when he comes home, and completely ignoring him.  If you want him to treat you in a special way, you have to treat him special as well. 

Initiate lovemaking from time to time. 
You would think that because a man always initiates sex that it aught to be second nature – something they are very comfortable doing.  The truth is that most men still feel that they might be rejected when they make that move to make love to you.  When you initiate sex, it speaks volumes about how you feel about your man.  It shows him that you are in love with him and that you don’t mind taking the initiative to show him that you love him deeply.  Sex may not be the only thing you have to do to make your man fall deeper in love, but is sure softens his heart and makes it much easier him to listen to you and love you the way you want to be loved.  

Stop nagging your man to death and start using, kinder, gentler words. 
All men do not respond positively to women that nag them about things they said they would do but forgot to do.  Or things they just never got around to doing.  Be a little bit understanding with your man.  Tell him how you feel when he disappoints you by not doing those things he promised he would do.  

Show him that you trust him with your heart and soul. 
Always say things that show that you have no doubt in your heart that he is faithful to you.  Never question his loyalty or commitment to your relationship.  When you do that, your man will reciprocate by loving you even more. 

Loosen up and let him know that you love to have fun. 
A lot of women are so uptight and don’t know how to let loosen up and have spontaneous fun.  When was the last time you asked you man to pick you up and carry you on his back while you were walking in your neighborhood or in a park.  Life is really what you make it.  If you want him to have fond memories of you and love you deeper than he currently does, then you have to learn how to have a little fun.  Life is too short.
That is all I have for you today.  Take care of yourself and your loved ones.  And as always, I wish you love, peace and happiness.  Take care.

Greg Michaels